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FundersClub Live Broadcasts

FundersClub Live was a monthly Q&A video series hosted live, and featured in Forbes, that highlighted notable VCs and Tech founders. Through this series, thousands of viewers asked questions and received exclusive access to startup and investing leaders. Guests included: Gary Tan of Initialized Capital, Megan Quinn of Spark Capital, Brayton Williams of Boost VC (pictured), Niko Bonatsos of General Catalyst, Lauren Behrens Wu of Shippo.

Pictured: Jerrod Engelberg (Left), Brayton Williams (Right)

Barrel + Ink Launch 

To honor the launch of Barrel + Ink (formerly BareBottle), a startup that marries wine and design, I worked with their team to organize an evening celebrating that vision. The event brought together 250+ notable guests from the wine, art, and tech communities. The evening was spent recognizing the winemakers and designers who worked together to produce the first of Barrel + Ink's limited quantity wines.

Photo By: Eli Zaturanski

Transparent VC Podcast

To many founders, venture capital is a blackbox. The aim of Transparent VC was to change that by discussing the good, bad, and ugly parts of VC, tech, and startups. I worked with the FundersClub venture team to produce this monthly series which has received over 2.5K listens.

Featuring: Jerrod Engelberg, Kevin Lee

Produced By: FCB, Chicago (Video), DJ Ashworth (Music)

Social Promotion for Meow Mix Jingle Remix

I worked with Meow Mix on their "It's Meow Time" campaign, to manage and engage fans on social media. The three part campaign included the release of the viral EDM jingle remix (at over 8M views; no-longer live on their YouTube channel), a live mobile music studio in NY with Kelly Pickler, and a fan submitted jingle sing-a-long competition. Throughout the campaign I communicated with fans, including answer questions, encouraging jingle submissions, and engaging with people onsite at the mobile studio.

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